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Casio G Shock watch is a clock without competition in the world, a watch that will certainly be number one in sacred monster gallery of watches … and already gained immortality in battle with watch making history.

After the invention of LCD crystals one of their uses was also in watches industry, the market has been an explosion of electronic watches that had a very low price, especially those produced in China, but extremely high accuracy … unfortunately they had a weakness … were extremely sensitive and was enough to be dropped were to be less steep as that crystal LCD to remove or to reboot … For this reason electronic watches have long been considered to be some useless toys with a very short life.

Casio G Shock Watches Casio G Shock Watches Pictures

That is until on the market watches engaged Casio Japanese electronics company …Casio since the beginning of production of watches followed to eliminate weaknesses in conventional electronic clocks … it came to life Casio G-Shock.

An unbreakable watch worn daily, G-Shock watch was boiled in water, thrown into the sea, frozen in extreme temperatures, used as a tennis ball, trampled down by the Jeep … but nothing made it stop. However, it has been a stranger to many until…. during filming the action film Commando (1985), Arnold Swarzenneger refused to wear an expensive Swiss watch that he had to advertise in that movie, and conditioning its appearance in the film only if he can wear his G-Shock watch. It was the first time when a G – Shock watch appeared in a movie.

Critical articles of that film in magazines almost all mentioned about Arnold’s watch. That is the point where the ascension of Casio G-Shock watches began.

G-Shock watches
were already increasing in demand not necessarily for the advertising that they were benefiting but rather because they were the only existing mens sport watches, until them mechanical watches were used to suit the sporty but since there were no clocks on the market considered to be Sport … and more than that due to their extraordinary quality.

G-Shock watch has produced a revolution in the watches market also because the producing company was particularly careful with the design and quality of each piece in part … then began to pull on the market watches with various complications, for seafarers watches that are updated by radio, indicating the tides, compass. This watch is ideal for lovers of travel clocks that indicate atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity. Nevertheless, its majestic design makes it unsuitable for certain types of outfits. It looks best when worn with sport and casual mens style outfits. If you want to highlight the beauty of this watch, we advise you to visit a mens style blog and learn how to wear a sports watch.

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