Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Calibre 8700 Diamond Watch

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Citizen Watch Co.., Ltd. contributes to society through sustained collective activity that is in harmony with the environment. They are based on company vision, that “to contribute and make every effort to be loved by the people”. Their goal, says the Citizen, part of these efforts is the environment, reflected by their Eco-Drive energy sources that uses natural energy provided by sunlight – even artificial light – to power Citizen watches. Eco-Drive system has been at the forefront of their efforts to use green technology to manufacture our watches, so Eco-Drive watches have sales of 30 million to launch the system in 1976.

Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Calibre 8700 Diamond Watch Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Calibre 8700 Diamond Watch Pictures

Watches equipped with the Eco-Drive keeps associated the quartz precision, while eliminating the need to dispose of used batteries. Because their system does not use harmful metals in the manufacturing process, Eco-Drive was benevolent eye of insight related to the environment – reflected by choosing the name of Eco-Drive. In 1996, its use has made a Citizen to be the first Japanese watch brand to receive the Eco Mark product status and recognizing the contribution to environmental conservation. Based on their leading technology to combine beauty and aesthetics, they managed to produce a wide range of watches that combines visual impact with the utility demanded by consumers.

The new model Citizen Eco-Drive Men’s Calibre 8700 Diamond embraces the Eco technology and represents one of the beautiful models of the collection especially because of the diamonds that are encrusted on the edge of the bezel.

One important thing to mention about the diamonds is that they were single cuts and there were no conflicts involved in the extraction of diamonds.

The design combines quality with glamour, the new Citizen Calibre 8700 Diamond being at the same time sophisticated unlike the other models from its family.

The case has a dimension of 39 mm and the wideness of 10 mm. The material used for the case is stainless steel.

The new Citizen watch comes in two versions, depending on the type of bracelet: gold-colored stainless steel bracelet and two-colors bracelet: silver and gold. The bracelet has a wideness of 20 mm no matter of the version chosen.

One of the advantages of this type of watch is that people have lately realized that the protection of the environment is very important, the eco movements is gaining more and more field against the other type of technologies.

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